March’s Hold Over Tenant Eviction

Author: Todd Christiansen | Category: My Evictions

As I have mentioned in my other posts, my main customer typically gives me evictions around the 16th of the month as they wait until the 6th to send out 10 day notice to quit letters.  If they don’t hear from the tenant by this date, then they file the paperwork.

I received a message from the property manager’s accountant:

She was supposed to be out at noon on the 28th of Feb. However, she has not paid anything for March so technically she owes $[xxx] for March rent since she’s still there…..Long story short, she was notified by [removed for privacy] and Section 8 that she had to be out on Feb. 28th at noon.

We have a hold over tenant.  Surprisingly, I rarely evict for this type of problem.  Most people leave when they are supposed to.  I am guessing this tenant is disorganized and confused over her Section 8 subsidy.

I filed the paperwork on March 8 and we will be in court on February 18.  We will see if she moves before then.

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