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Just Evict Already!

Author: Todd Christiansen | Category: My Evictions

I was in eviction court last week  waiting on my cases to be called.  I always enjoy listening to the other landlord’s cases.  It is sometimes like an episode of Cops.  On this one case, the judge says to the landlord “so this tenant has not paid rent for August through March”.  I just about fell out of my chair.  This landlord let someone stay there for almost 8 months with no payments.  This tenant owed about $4000 in back rent.  She couldn’t understand why she couldn’t have another 30 days to move!

In another situation, I met a landlord that had a bad tenant that got their electricity turned off for non-payment.  So despite the fact that the tenant owed him rent money, he allowed the tenant to move into another unit in his apartment building that had electricity (she put the new unit electric bill into a relatives name).  Now 2 months later the tenant is no closer to paying the rent on apartment 1.  Plus she left all kinds of stuff in apartment so she is effectively living in 2 apartments and not paying rent!

The moral of the story is that if a tenant is more than 2 weeks late on their rent, start the tenant eviction process.  I almost never see a tenant come back from owing more than 1 months rent (unless they get assistance from the government or a charity).  You are NOT going to get your back rent.  Stop listening to the tenant’s excuses.  They are not necessarily bad tenants, they are just not paying their rent!

Look at this another way, this tenant is living rent free and taking money out of your pocket.  You need to look at it that way.  Why don’t you just take seven $100 bills out of the bank and put a match to them.  It is essentially the same thing.  This is not a charity.  It is a business.  If you can’t make these tough calls, hire a property manager or eviction attorney to do the eviction for you.  Let them be the bad guy.

Don’t send them an eviction letter, just start the eviction immediately.

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