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I am Not Perfect

Author: Todd Christiansen | Category: My Evictions

Some of you may read this blog and think that I have it all figured out.  You may assume I make no mistakes and I am a super landlord.  Truth be told, I make some of the same mistakes you make.  Hopefully after this many  years, I make less than you, but trust me, I still make them.

I have a tenant that was in the building before I bought it.  He has lived there over 6 years and actually started in one unit with a girl friend, they broke up, he moved to another unit, they got back together, they moved back in together in his unit, a year later she moved out for good.  Very nice guy, courteous, polite.  He has always paid his rent on time.  I can’t think of one time in the last 6 years he had a late rent payment.  He has a white collar job in an accounting firm downtown.

This all changed several months ago.  He sent me his usual rent check, I deposited it, and a couple days later he called and said it had bounced.  He sent a replacement check and I deposited it and everything was good.  The next month we had the same problem, but the 2nd check also bounced.  He sent me a smaller check and it cleared and committed to sending one every week to get caught up.

I figured this was just a minor blip and based upon our 6 year relationship, everything was going to work out.  He then sent a full check for November, which again bounced.  He committed to sending smaller checks, but did not.  December’s check bounced.  He said for several weeks that he was going to take an advance on his 401K and even said he had the approval and was waiting for the check in the mail.


Now, he has stopped returning my phone calls.  I am working on a tenant eviction letter right now.  Hopefully our history would allow him to call me and explain what is going on, but I am not holding out hope.  It will be disappointing if I have to evict him.

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