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February 2010 Eviction Results

Author: Todd Christiansen | Category: My Evictions

I had 2 evictions to do in Hennepin County this month.  I was acting as an agent for the property management company using a Power of Attorney In Fact that has been signed and notarized by one of the owners of the management company.  I simply make copies of that for each eviction that I need to file.

This customer likes to give the tenants a 10 day quit or pay notice, even though they are not required to in Minnesota.  It does get some tenants to pay or at least set up a payment plan, saving the landlord money on the eviction.  Consequently, I filed the eviction paperwork on February 19 in the morning.

Results were that one tenant paid up within 2 days of being served the eviction notice.  They paid the past due rent, late fees, and court costs.  No need for them to go to court, I simply dismissed the case and nothing was ever recorded against them.

My second eviction was more interesting.  My customer filed an eviction against this tenant in August 2009 for nonpayment of rent and then again last month in January for nonpayment of rent.  They had literally just finished paying off January when February rent came due and they did not call or make any payment toward February.  So here we were again, third time in 7 months!  At first the tenant was not in the court at the time of the roll call.  This would have been an instant default for my clients and an easy day for me.  About 15 minutes later the tenant arrived.  Since I had worked with him twice before, he recognized me right away.  After much discussion about why he felt like the eviction was unwarranted because he had spoken to the property manager and thought they had an agreement, he paid me 2/3 of the rent owed and signed an eviction payment plan to pay up the remaining rent by the end of the month.

No fireworks and I didn’t have to get any writs this trip, but maybe later this month.

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