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Evictions in Washington County MN

Author: Todd Christiansen | Category: My Evictions

Surprisingly, I had never done an eviction in Washington County, MN until last week.  Here is how my adventure went:

  1. Looked up on the Washington County website and saw that they have multiple locations in Stillwater, Forest Lake, Cottage Grove and Woodbury.  I figured that the Woodbury location would be closest and easiest for me to get to since it is right off of 494 and Radio drive.
  2. I pulled into the Woodbury location to find out that they don’t have any court there and this is just a place to renew your license and pay fines.  Ugh.
  3. The sign on the front of this door also informed me that Washington County does not take credit cards (Hennepin county does).  I didn’t bring my checkbook so I was on the hunt for  a bank location prior to my trip to Stillwater.
  4. So, I headed down to Stillwater. Luckily this location is not in downtown Stillwater, but a couple miles west on Highway 36.
  5. Once you get into the building, you need to go through security screening to get to the civil complaints desk.  These metal detectors appear to be turned up higher as I had to remove my belt, which I never have to do, to clear.
  6. I get to the counter and the woman says that they don’t have copies of the Unlawful Detainer forms there.  I had to go up to 4th floor to the law library to print them out.  Ugh.  Note to self:  bring them with you next time.
  7. Back out of security, up to 4th floor, log onto guest computers, print out eviction notice, pay $0.20 for the prints, back downstairs, go through security again (with belt off) and back to the desk.
  8. I wait in line for 10 minutes while some woman talks to the counter person about the fact that she has lived in Washington county for 10 years and wants to get her named changed, but she is leaving the state for good in 1 week and can the judge move the case up(note that me and the person in front of me are the only people in this part of the building).
  9. Finally get to the window.  Pay the fee and the counter person tells me the landlord tenant eviction is in 17 days and that it takes 2 days for the eviction complaint to be typed out and ready.  I ask if there is any option for the docs to be sent to the Sherriff to be served.  She says no.  What?!  I am not driving 45 minutes one way to walk a couple pieces of paper down the hall about 100 yards.  Frankly, Hennepin County does 1000s of evictions per month and you can wait for the paperwork to be typed up.
  10. On my way out the door upset, I call my normal process server, and although it will be more money, my time is worth it.  They will pick it up and serve it when it is ready.

Moral of the story:  Go to Stillwater, plan to have all your paperwork ready, bring your checkbook, don’t wear too much metal, plan to come back in 2 days to pick up paperwork.

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