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Evictions in Ramsey County

Author: Todd Christiansen | Category: My Evictions

It is funny how time flies.  It has been several months since my last eviction in Ramsey county.  I just realized I never did write much about doing evictions in Ramsey County.  I will give you my impressions and any tricks of the trade, just like I have done with Dakota County and/or Washington County here in Minnesota.

Unlike smaller counties where you get thrown in with name changes, divorces and other civil matter, much like Hennepin county, Ramsey has a dedicated system for handling evictions.  They run at least one court time per day and occasionally two.

You need to file your paperwork downtown Saint Paul at 15 Kellogg Blvd W # 1700, Saint Paul.  It is the same paperwork that you use when in other counties, just make sure you have the judicial district correct (Ramsey is second district).  This county, like most of the others, except Anoka, will allow you to use a power of attorney to file as a property manager or to file for your own LLC.   When I am just running in to file some eviction paperwork, I am usually able to find a parking space right outside the front door in a parking meter.  Just $.50 and I am about 20 feet from the front door, worst case maybe a 1/2 a block.

To file the eviction docs, you will need to go through security, so leave your weapons at home.  Immediately inside security you go into the housing court desk.  There is some other desk where many people are waiting around, but there is typically no line for the housing desk.  Have you paperwork filled out and a checkbook.  Fee is $320 and you can wait for the docs.

In Saint Paul, I typically had a process server pick up the papers and serve them since it was too far for any of my regular guys to serve them.  This is especially true if you have  a distant rental property like Maplewood.  Otherwise, the process is the same with the docs needing to be served 7 days prior to the court date.  If you choose to use a process server, you can just drop the paperwork off with the fees and the desk person will put your completed docs in the server basket for them to pick up.

Court is held in the same building at 9am.  It is the usual groups of tenants, landlords, and attorneys.  The court time doesn’t seem to be as chaotic or busy as Minneapolis.  Most everyone sits quietly and there is not many people coming and going as in Hennepin county court.  In general, the Ramsey county judges are less friendly and more by the book than Hennepin county (who I have always said is more landlord-friendly).

If you need to get a writ, it is the same process essentially as the other counties.  You pay your $55 fee at the county court for the writ and then walk a piece of paper across the street to the sheriff’s office to get them to serve it.  The Ramsey county sheriff’s fees for service the writ are  a little strange.  You can pay $80 up front and then if the sheriff has to go back to the property to do the physical removal, it is another $160.  Otherwise, you can pay $210 up front and they will refund you $120 if they don’t do the physical removal.  I always pay everything up front, but that is open for debate.

Ramsey county evictions are very similar to most of the other counties in the Twin Cities.  They have some small procedural differences, but if you have done an eviction elsewhere, you will catch on quickly.

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