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Evictions in Anoka County

Author: Todd Christiansen | Category: My Evictions

I had my first eviction in Anoka county this last week.  Strange that it was actually for a property in Columbia Heights, not somewhere far north!  There is a small sliver of Anoka county that comes down that far into the Minneapolis/Hennepin county area.

After driving forever up to the Anoka County courthouse in downtown Anoka on first street it was easy to find parking.  Not like a Hennepin county eviction where you are in the middle of the city and can either pay $15 to park or drive around for 20 minutes looking for a meter.  I actually parked this day right in front of the court and walked right in.

Like all other counties except Hennepin, you need to go through security to get to the civil case window to file a tenant eviction.  As I expected in a quieter county, there was no line.  I gave the paperwork to the lady at the counter and as she read it, I asked if Anoka county allowed a power of attorney for LLCs.  In all the other counties in the Twin Cities, they allow me to process evictions using a power of attorney given to me by the landlord or building owner.  I had heard that Anoka county was not allowing this, but I had to ask.

The lady behind the counter informed me that Anoka county complies fully with the state statutute that states that requires that any corporate or LLC be represented by an attorney in court.  This means that not even the owner of the LLC could represent himself at the eviction proceedings.  She went on to explain that only Hennepin county has an exception on the books that allows power of attorney and owner representation for LLCs and corporations.  All the other counties, which were allowing me to process the evictions, were not following the state law, according to her.

Bummer.  Now this landlord is going to need to get an eviction attorney to process this eviction and get the tenant out.  I understand that I am not an attorney and the piece that despite a power of attorney that maybe I shouldn’t represent LLCs.  I am dumbfounded however that someone could defend themselves without an attorney in a murder case in Minnesota, but couldn’t represent themselves in a simple eviction case because they have their lease signed by the LLC.

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  1. I need to find an eviction attorney for my LLC in anoka county. Any recommendations?


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