Minnesota Eviction Costs

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The cost for evicting a tenant in Minnesota is set by each county, but has been standardized across the 7 county metro area.  Below are the costs:

  • Filing the eviction with the county=$320 (Hennepin County ads $2 for additional fees to support the large number of Minneapolis evictions).
  • Process server can charge from $50-$100 to serve the eviction notices, depending upon the number of tenants, the distance to serve the paperwork and if they need to make multiple trips.
  • An eviction attorney will often charge $200-400 to put all the paperwork together for you and attend court.  Matt Engel will do them for $195.  See his contact info here.
  • Foreclosure evictions can cost additional amounts depending upon the details.

Once the court date has occurred, if you need to get the Writ of Recovery, which allows you to have the tenant removed by the sheriff, that can vary by county.

  • Hennepin County charges $50 to process the writ and the Hennepin County Sheriff charges $100 to serve the writ and then do the eviction (you must be present to change the locks).
  • Ramsey county charges $55 to process the writ and then the Ramsey County Sheriff charges $300 to serve the writ and do the eviction.
  • Other counties have various charges.
  • Remember that if anything is left by the tenant, you may need to store the tenant’s property.

Remember that you should be including these costs in the amount owed by the tenant.  The court will allow you to charge the tenant for most of these.

Here are some posts of my experiences in each county:

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