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How Long Do Evictions Take In Minnesota?

Author: Todd Christiansen | Category: Eviction

This is a frequent question that I get asked.  Some landlords have been told that it takes months.  I am not sure where they get  that information.  I have heard, second hand, that in other states it can take months.  In Minnesota, it takes a couple weeks.

I believe it takes more time for most landlords to make up their mind to evict the tenant that it actually takes to go through the legal process!  Many landlords hope and wait.  They believe every excuse and promise the tenant gives them.  I understand that.  Even after all these years, I find myself wanting to believe.  Wouldn’t you love to think that if you gave your tenant one more week that they will pay you the $1200 in late rent they owe?  That is a much better thought than having to spend $322 to evict them (and probably not seeing the $1200 you are out).

Here is some sage advice, take it for what it is worth.  As long as I have been doing this, I have rarely seen a tenant that is more than 2 weeks late on rent come up with back rent.  Think about it.

Let’s use this example:  It is February 1.  They had all January to figure out how to get the rent, borrow it, work harder, whatever.  February 1 comes, rent is due, they don’t have it, they ask for a week.  Why do they need another week when they had the month of January to get it?

A week goes by and they say they need another week.  By now you have added a $75 late fee and you sent them the late rent letter.

Now you are into the week of February 15th.  Most tenants (and frankly most Americans) live right at the edge of their paycheck.  Each month they rarely have anything left over.  How is this tenant going to come up with the late rent of $1200 plus the $75 late fee this week and still make the March 1 rent of $1200?

Only when a tenant gets some type of financial assistances from Section 8 or Emergency assistance have I seen them be able to pay off a month’s past due rent.  If the tenant does not have access to those resources, I am skeptical you will be seeing your rent.  Start the eviction process now!

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