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Evictions in Dakota County

Author: Todd Christiansen | Category: Eviction

I rarely do evictions in Dakota county. I have maybe done 2-3 in the last 12 months.  Not because they are difficult or anything, but neither I, nor my property management customers have many rentals there.  Dakota county is interesting because of the large geographic size and large cities in Dakota county, they have 3 different court locations:  Hastings, West St. Paul, and Apple Valley.  I have done evictions in West Saint Paul and Apple Valley only.  There is no requirement for which court to use, just go to the one nearest your home, work or property.

The procedures for filing an eviction in Dakota county are almost identical all the other counties, such as Hennepin.  No oddities to report.  I do like the Apple Valley facility as they do not have any security to deal with when either filing documents or attending court.  West Saint Paul has typical security at the front door to access any of the filing windows or court.  Because both locations are in the suburbs, parking is easy as both of these buildings are build on enormous plats of land.

Because there do not appear to be many evictions in the West Saint Paul location (at least the time I was there), you will be lumped in with all other civil proceedings.  I had to unfortunately listen to a couple get up in front of the judge and talk about why they wanted a divorce and where their kids were going to go.  Very uncomfortable watching the wife crying.  I also sat through a name change, a custody case, a motion for expungement of a civil offense, and a couple other miscellaneous items before it was our turn. In Hennepin and Ramsey county, the court room is half the size and every chair is full just for evictions.  In West Saint Paul, there was maybe 20 people and only a few were there for evictions.

The Apple Valley courthouse has more activity and felt more like my typical haunts at Hennepin County eviction court.  All the counter people knew the drill, they see many more evictions and they have dedicated court time for just handling housing court.  Unlike Washington county, they will process your paperwork on the spot.  Plus, this seems to be an easier location to get to as it is just down Cedar Ave into Apple Valley and east on County 40 about three blocks.  The last time I had an eviction here, I got to court at 8:45, court started promptly at 9:00, I was third on the roll call, no tenant appeared, I was out of there by 9:30 after getting the writ.  At 9:45 the tenant calls asking where I was.  I told him court was over and he had to move.

Costs in Dakota County were the same as in the other counties for both the eviction ($318) and for the writ ($55).  One downside with evictions in Dakota county is that if you need a writ served by the sheriff, it has to be brought to Hastings!  This is a about a 30 minute drive straight east on County Road 42 from the Apple Valley courthouse and about the same distance down Hwy 61 from West Saint Paul.  Not a big deal, but most other counties have the sheriff at worst across the street, not 20 miles away!

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