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Eviction Attorney Fees

Author: Todd Christiansen | Category: Eviction Law

Owing a rental property can be both rewarding and frustrating.  I often joke with my investor friends that managing the property is easy, managing the tenants is hard.  Some times that wonderful tenant that you got the clean background screening on turns out to be terrible.  It is almost like the put forward the face that they need to at the time.  I have had many Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Hyde tenants!

So, maybe you are fed up with what your tenant it doing.  It could be that they are simply not paying their rent.  It could be that they are having lease violations.  Most of the time, you can simply file the eviction yourself and everything goes according to plan.  Here are some times when I advise that you should consider having an evictions attorney take care of this process for you:

  • If the eviction is for anything other than documented criminal activity or non-payment of rent, I would advise that you get an attorney.  These cases often degrade into a he said/she said argument that goes no where and typically with not enough evidence, the tenant wins.  An attorney will make sure you have ample evidence prior to court.  Plus, if the tenant decides to get an eviction lawyer, then you are loaded for bear with your legal counsel.
  • Sometimes, the tenant will actually bring a action to withhold rent against the tenant for failure to perform maintenance or upload a part of the lease.  Because the tenant brought the suit, you are the defendant, and unfortunately as the big bad landlord.  You don’t want the court to be forcing you to open your checkbook and make unnecessary repairs simply because the tenant claims they are needed.
  • While I consistently advise against this, landlords still seem to do verbal rental agreements in Minnesota.  I can’t stress enough how bad of an idea this is.  You are leaving so much of the interpretation of your intent up to the court to decided.  Did you mean for the rent to be $500 or $400?  Prove it!  When you are evicting a tenant with no lease, you should definitely consult with an eviction attorney.

While this is not an exhaustive list, I would error on the side of getting an attorney whenever I felt like the eviction does or could have some problems.  So who do you call?  It is important to use eviction attorneys that you trust and feel comfortable with.  Our Attorney, Matt Engel with The Engel Firm has recently reduced his fees on the most typical evictions that landlords will encounter owning investment properties.  Remember that you will also have MN court costs.

Eviction Action / Unlawful Detainer

  • $195 eviction attorney fee
  • Review lease
  • Prepare Eviction Action Complaint
  • Coordinate eviction action complaint filing and service of process on tenant or posting
  • Attend hearing in housing court
  • Court filing fee and Sheriff’s fees ARE NOT included and must be paid by property owner

Matt can be reached at:

Matt Engel
The Engel Firm, PLLC
Union Plaza
333 Washington Avenue North
Suite 300
Minneapolis, MN 55401
W: 612-373-7060
F: 612-465-6211
C: 612-385-0554

Be sure to tell him that I told you to call!

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  1. paula peterson Says:

    I am in need of help evicting tenants from a duplex I own.
    Thank you for returning a call.
    Paula Peterson

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