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  1. Taking the Smooth Handle

    Author: Todd Christiansen | Date: 23 Aug 2010, 11:20 pm | Category: My Evictions

    My father in-law has a great expression that goes something like, “you need to take life by the smooth handle whenever you can”.  I guess it means that do it the easy way when ever possible since often you don’t get the luxury of doing something easy.  Today, I would say that my customer took […]

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  2. March’s Hold Over Tenant Eviction

    Author: Todd Christiansen | Date: 11 Mar 2010, 10:34 pm | Category: My Evictions

    As I have mentioned in my other posts, my main customer typically gives me evictions around the 16th of the month as they wait until the 6th to send out 10 day notice to quit letters.  If they don’t hear from the tenant by this date, then they file the paperwork. I received a message […]

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  3. February 2010 Eviction Results

    Author: Todd Christiansen | Date: 09 Mar 2010, 10:33 pm | Category: My Evictions

    I had 2 evictions to do in Hennepin County this month.  I was acting as an agent for the property management company using a Power of Attorney In Fact that has been signed and notarized by one of the owners of the management company.  I simply make copies of that for each eviction that I […]

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