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  1. Evictions in Ramsey County

    Author: Todd Christiansen | Date: 25 Oct 2011, 11:31 pm | Category: My Evictions

    It is funny how time flies.  It has been several months since my last eviction in Ramsey county.  I just realized I never did write much about doing evictions in Ramsey County.  I will give you my impressions and any tricks of the trade, just like I have done with Dakota County and/or Washington County […]

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  2. Feeling Bad for the Tenant

    Author: Todd Christiansen | Date: 10 Jun 2011, 6:26 pm | Category: My Evictions

    It seems like many of my post lately are more about encouraging landlords to file the evictions or convincing them that they are doing the right thing.  Well here is another.  I spoke to this landlord back in January about his tenant being 2 months behind in rent.  He said he felt sorry for the […]

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  3. Just Evict Already!

    Author: Todd Christiansen | Date: 14 Apr 2011, 10:07 pm | Category: My Evictions

    I was in eviction court last week  waiting on my cases to be called.  I always enjoy listening to the other landlord’s cases.  It is sometimes like an episode of Cops.  On this one case, the judge says to the landlord “so this tenant has not paid rent for August through March”.  I just about […]

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  4. Just The Facts (and Get Them Correct!)

    Author: Todd Christiansen | Date: 04 Feb 2011, 10:05 pm | Category: My Evictions

    I was in eviction court today.  While I waited for my three evictions,  I watched a very painful exchange between the tenant, the landlord, and the eviction judge. First,  the tenant has 2 small children with her that are making noise the entire time and very disruptive.  She did a good job of trying to […]

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  5. Evictions in Anoka County

    Author: Todd Christiansen | Date: 24 Jan 2011, 10:41 pm | Category: My Evictions

    I had my first eviction in Anoka county this last week.  Strange that it was actually for a property in Columbia Heights, not somewhere far north!  There is a small sliver of Anoka county that comes down that far into the Minneapolis/Hennepin county area. After driving forever up to the Anoka County courthouse in downtown […]

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  6. How Late Can a Tenant Save Their Place?

    Author: Todd Christiansen | Date: 20 Jan 2011, 11:19 pm | Category: My Evictions

    I wasn’t sure how to get that all into a title.  I guess what I as trying to convey was, “What is the last minute that a tenant can pay you the rent and everything and save themselves from being removed by the sheriff?” The answer may surprise you, but I will start with a […]

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  7. I am Not Perfect

    Author: Todd Christiansen | Date: 29 Dec 2010, 11:26 pm | Category: My Evictions

    Some of you may read this blog and think that I have it all figured out.  You may assume I make no mistakes and I am a super landlord.  Truth be told, I make some of the same mistakes you make.  Hopefully after this many  years, I make less than you, but trust me, I […]

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  8. Motion to Quash Writ

    Author: Todd Christiansen | Date: 23 Nov 2010, 9:15 pm | Category: My Evictions

    I happen to be down at court filing some eviction paperwork and the ladies behind the desk (they know me well since I am in there all the time-and I chat with them), told me that they had just processed a motion to “quash” a writ.  I asked them how a motion to “squash” a […]

  9. Evictions in Washington County MN

    Author: Todd Christiansen | Date: 18 Oct 2010, 9:32 pm | Category: My Evictions

    Surprisingly, I had never done an eviction in Washington County, MN until last week.  Here is how my adventure went: Looked up on the Washington County website and saw that they have multiple locations in Stillwater, Forest Lake, Cottage Grove and Woodbury.  I figured that the Woodbury location would be closest and easiest for me […]

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  10. Problems With Verbal Rental Agreements

    Author: Todd Christiansen | Date: 11 Oct 2010, 11:27 pm | Category: My Evictions

    I was in court today for an eviction.  Needless to say, it was an ugly one.  The tenant was very nice and in fact, I had met him 9 months prior when we evicted his roommate.  Unfortunately, the landlord had backed everyone into a corner by making several overlapping verbal agreements.  At court, we had […]