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About Us

Disclaimer:  This site is simply for informational purposes only.  I make no representations about the information contained in it.  I am not an attorney, court administrator, CPA or any other professional expert.  I am simply giving you my thoughts, opinions, and observations.  Consult a competent adviser if you need more help.

My family has always been around real estate, so I figured it was just natural that I owned some also.I started buying investment property many years ago.  I own single family houses, duplexes and 4 plexes.  I am trying to find a larger 8-12 unit building.  I have done it alone, I have had partners and used property managers throughout the years.

I am married and live a suburb of Minneapolis with my 3 kids and wife.  I currently manage my properties myself and since I am a real estate agent, I also do manage properties for others.  Most of the stories on this site are from the 200+ properties that I manage for others.  I do have my own evictions, but thankfully the majority I talk about in this blog are my clients.

Feel free to look around and to contribute to the discussion by leaving a comment.  Like the disclaimer said, I am not an attorney so if you ask  specific question, I will give you my best guess based upon my experience.  If it is from another state, it may be even less accurate.


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